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We don’t find great people by accident. Our recruiting method is a measured, step-by-step process that starts with building a relationship. Because finding the ideal candidate for your company means getting in-depth knowledge of your company. All of it. The challenges you face, the types of people who thrive there (or not), where you’re growing, how you’re making a difference for your customers.

Every search is different, but these steps are the backbone to our work:

Focus: Who you need is inextricably linked to what you are and where you are going. Our recruiters work one-on-one with stakeholders to take a top-to-bottom look at your organization — business objectives and challenges, growth opportunities, corporate culture — and define what you need from the role we’re filling.

Scope: No surprises. Before we find the ideal candidate, we’ll establish — together — what that candidate looks like. Your idea of that person will probably change as the search unfolds, and that’s by design: Years of experience working with companies of all sizes give us the insight to know who’s likely to succeed with you.

At this stage, we’ll help you build a job description, set compensation based on an industry overview, establish where we’re likely to find the talent you’re looking for, and craft a compelling pitch to present candidates.

Find: Recruiting is as much art as science: It takes data-mining and matchmaking, psychology and plain-old intuition. Our recruiters work their connections both nationally and internationally, survey the industry landscape daily and do behind-the-scenes research on rising stars to identify solid candidates — even if they’re not looking for new opportunities.

Target: By the time we approach candidates, we already have a good idea that they’re good fits for the job. At this point, we need to figure out whether the job is a good fit for them. We approach candidates confidentially and candidly, working with each to discuss what they’re looking for — and whether, together, we should go further.

Filter: You’ll have already told us how many finalists you want to consider; at this point, we’ll evaluate the candidates we’ve spoken with and give you the best options. By the time you meet any of the possibilities, we’ll have conducted in-depth interviews with each and completed a preliminary reference check.

Present: You can only learn so much from a résumé. We’ll present you with a dossier of each candidate that includes not just a CV, but a summary of their strengths, experience, professional goals and personal motivators. Even before you sit with each, we’ll have given you an idea of what makes them tick — and a strategy to attract them to you.

With all searches we provide the following:

  • Coordinating interviews and meetings
  • Providing parity compensation overviews
  • Facilitating screening documents
  • Conducting reference checks
  • Crafting a mutually acceptable compensation package
  • Providing transition support to you and your candidate

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