No matter how large you are
this is why our clients turn to us for their recruiting needs over and over again

We’ve helped companies ranging from fast-growing startups to multinational Fortune 500 conglomerates find talent. We’ve performed executive searches, placed pivotal leaders, built entire sales teams, added last-piece-of-the-puzzle market experts and have strengthened struggling units with key hires.

Significant time savings
Significant cost savings

No matter how large you are, though, this is why our clients turn to us for their recruiting needs over and over again.

Outsource your recruitment projects to us while you focus on your core business. Recruiting involves a lot more than just finding a candidate. There’s paperwork. Scheduling. Background checks. We’ll do it all.

Capitalize on our networks to go deeper than the usual suspects. Our network gives you access to the best talent available — not just candidates replying to an opening. We can winnow a field of qualified candidates in a fraction of the time it might take somebody unfamiliar with the industry landscape.

Our clients know: RC Method’s expertise goes a lot deeper than being able to find qualified people. They’re able to find qualified people who fit into the culture, and needs, of your company.

Everybody says they have your best interest in mind. Randi really shows you that she does. She asks good questions, finds out what’s important to you and gives you well qualified candidates. She doesn’t waste my time.

Regional Sales Manager
Global Medical Device Company

We hired RC Method to complete a search for a key position — our new hire needed to be fully hired, started and trained before the last person who held it could leave the company. We got feedback on options and candidates soon after the search started. For me, it was a very quick process and I expected it to be longer.

IT Director

RC Method is among the best in terms of getting to know not just the job description, but also the culture of the organization and what are the real competencies that we’re looking for. The how-you-do-what-you-do behaviors that make one successful or not successful. There’s not a lot of folks out there that have historically done that.

 Human Resource Director
Leading Hospital

I have contracted the headhunting skills of Eamonn on many occasions and he is one of the few people I would automatically endorse. His ability to communicate and engage with clients is second to none and his knowledge base and networking ability are of the highest standard. Eamonn consistently delivers a professional service that dovetails perfectly into major RPO projects and he is one of the first people I would engage for the highest-level headhunting assignments. Eamonn brings to a project team a wealth of knowledge and personality which sets him apart as one of the best mentors I have had the pleasure of working with.

Human Resources
Business Head

I worked closely with Pete during my last job search, and he played a key part in helping me for find my current role as Senior Director, Global Value & Access with Sanofi-Aventis. Pete is knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Throughout my job search process over the last 6 months, he stayed in close communication with me and acted as my advocate. Once I secured the offer, he negotiated a strong package while also maintaining strong relationships with all parties. I would highly recommend Pete to my colleagues and if I choose to look again in the future, will definitely reach out to him.

Senior Director
Global Value and Access

I highly recommend working with Peter. He has been a tremendous asset to me as I have utilized his services to both build out at team and then again when I needed help after a corporate downsizing. One of his greatest attributes is his ability to listen and then apply that information to his craft. He has an excellent network and is well received throughout the industry. He is very patient and persistent and willing to go above and beyond for the people he represents. He is truly a bright star in the recruiting industry!

Regulatory Consulting