We want to help you grow.
And grow again.

At RC Method, our goal — from the very first client we worked with until now — is to help you find the people who make your business better. We do that by being your partner. By listening to your needs. By understanding the markets in which you operate, and knowing that the skills that are important to you today aren’t necessarily the same ones that you’ll need tomorrow.

Focusing closely on your business


As closely as we focus on your business, though, we pay the same kind of attention to the talent we recruit. We get to know their professional goals and the situations they thrive in. Because if there’s anything that’s become obvious to us after years of experience, it’s that good fits are a two-way street.

We started RC Method because, too often, recruiting is a one-and-done game. We want to help you with the search you’re doing now — but what we really want to do is build a relationship with you. To become part of your hiring team. Because if we do our job right, we’ll help you grow. And grow again.

Whether you’re in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology or medical devices, RC Method’s team has years of experience in each of these spaces. We understand what you’re trying to accomplish, and how to reach the candidates who can help you get those things done. Let’s work together.

“Everybody says they have your best interest in mind. Randi really shows you that she does. She asks good questions, finds out what’s important to you and gives you well qualified candidates. She doesn’t waste my time.”

Regional Sales Manager
Global Medical Device Company